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Although the majority of people initially come to a chiropractor for neck or back pain, they quickly learn the all encompassing benefits of chiropractic care. The only reason we have a neck and back is to protect the extension of the brain known as the spinal cord (The main component of the nervous system). This connects EVERY cell, tissue, muscle and organ in the body to the brain; it is the master control. If your nervous system is compromised, so is every part connected to that area.

Migraines, asthma, allergies, colic, reflux, sciatica, disc issues, seizures, blood pressure, diabetes, insomnia, hip pain, back pain or neck pain…these aren’t conditions, but symptoms of dysfunction. No doctor CURES disease, only the body can do that. If you cut yourself, the band aid doesn’t heal the wound, otherwise if you cut a steak and put on a bandaid, it too would heal. Only life heals! However, whatever level the nervous system is functioning at, will determine its level of healing. This is where the chiropractor comes into play.

The 24 bones that make up the spine ideally all work cohesively together in motion to move your body how and where you need, while still maintaining the constant functioning of the body. 37 trillion cells are busy every fraction of a second at any given time in each of our bodies. Skin cells replace themselves every 35 days. Your red blood cells are replaced every 120 days, while the skeleton itself is replaced every ten years. But again, whatever the state of your nervous system will determine how well the original recipe is duplicated. Yet, the neocorticol neurons of the brain (thinking cells) are produced while we are in the womb and last our entire life. This is why it is imperative to protect the integrity of our spinal system. The healthier it is- the better quality of life we can have for the duration.

Spinal manipulation has been performed since the Greek origins of mankind, however, chiropractic as we know it was created in 1895 by D.D. Palmer, after performing an “adjustment,” to his deaf janitor, restoring his hearing. Chiropractors address subluxation, restoring normal function to the body. “Subluxation,” literally broken down means “sub” = less, “lux,” = light, as the Greeks believed the spine was the “light of the body.”

There are literally hundreds of methods of adjusting the spine. I practice nine of them on a regular basis here at Family Chiropractic. I believe this lends me the ability to work on anyone from prenatal or a newborn, to my 103.5 year old and everyone in between from the 100lb woman to the 400 pound retired football player.

Gentle, safe, individualized and thorough care: That’s what we have to offer at Family Chiropractic. We educate, we empower and we care! Call today to get better, stay better and live better.