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Foot Bath

The body was designed to naturally detox from everyday living, however, exposure to chemicals and chronic stress can impede these natural pathways. There are over 80,000 chemicals registered for use in the US used in everything from our food, make-up, skin care and cleaners, let alone the chemical waste from cars and factories polluting the air we breathe. . The body’s ability to thwart the effects of the external and internal toxins becomes overloaded and symptoms and disease soon follow.

The ionic foot bath is created to draw some of those toxins from the body by utilizing a high quality magnet and computer to produce negative and positive charges, using warm salt water as the medium. Studies show an increase of healthy alkaline pH levels within the body after one use, as well as an increase of “calm,” produced by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system.

Dr. Jacobsen chose to add the Ionic Foot Bath to her practice after experiencing it herself. She had admittedly been a skeptic of the procedure, but a few years ago, had a patch of itchy skin on her leg for over eight months. She tried nutritional supplements, lifestyle changes, and topicals without any relief. Finally, a peer recommended the ionic foot bath by A Major Difference (The elite machine in the field). After one 30 minute use, the rash dried up, fell off in four days and has never returned. She recently had thermography performed that detected stagnant lymphatic drainage (most likely the result of chronic stress). She had a follow up four months later that revealed a complete turnaround with her lymphatic system. The only changes in her protocol? Three uses of the ionic foot bath and implementation of an herbal stress tonic. It works!