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We are specially trained in custom-fitted Orthotics and can help you remove pain incurred from everyday walking, standing and running! Abnormal foot function can effect ankles, knees, hips and back, not only causing pain, but inducing stress that will wear down the integrity of those joints over a period of years. Proper fitted Orthotics can relieve the pain, restore the natural walking pattern and possibly increase your race speed.

Dr. Kristin A. Jacobsen is very familiar with them all. With almost two decades of chiropractic clinical experience, many of her patients are runners. She, herself, has been running for over twenty years and has had her share of foot and knee injuries.

In an attempt to avoid reconstructive foot surgery, she decided to try orthotics. She then discovered The Orthotic Group. She is now running more than ever, with no discomfort. With some of the highest technology on the market, they are a company of integrity and expert craftsmanship. Their work is guaranteed.