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Why Does Dr. Jacobsen
utilize Standard Process as
one of her main supplement

Dr. Royal Lee, the nutritional visionary who founded Standard Process in 1928, stated that “The best sources of vitamins and minerals are found in whole foods.” He realized that the health of every individual depends on his nutritional intake. In the US, vitamins are sold without being held to any standard of bioavailability (ability to be absorbed and utilized in the body). Because most vitamins on the market are laboratory-tweaked and fractionated, they do not have the cofactors found in the natural sources of food to be absorbed. This method allows only a small percentage to be useful to the body-despite advertising on the label that is 300% of the US RDA. That number is only what it is IN the BOTTLE, not the body. A whole food supplement shows far less of the RDA because it needs the enzymatic breakdown WITHIN the body to covert to usable forms of the nutrients and body can then better attain these much needed vitamins and minerals.

Standard Process

We also use Mediherb as our herbal source due to the high standard of Australian production and sales of herbs. These are all pharmaceutical grade products. Yes, they are more expensive than those of drug store herbs, but in contrast, they are the highest level of purity and therefore far more potent and effective. In a third party research study, one of Mediherb’s Echinacea Premium was equivalent to 19 of another brand. When looking for results, purity matters.

Mediherb can be purchased through the Standard Process website.

Beautycounter is the cleanest skincare company on the market. Dr. Kristin has always said that what we put on our body is just as important as what we put in it; Our skin is one of largest detoxifying organs. Beautycounter restricts the use of over 1800 different chemicals in their products. The US FDA only restricts 30! Canada only restricts 600 and the EU only 1400. All ingredients are responsibly sourced. Click on the link to learn more and see the fabulous products from cosmetics to skincare to deodorant. Safe to your skin, safe to the environment and beautiful all the while!

And…save 20% on your first order as a new customer!

Beauty Counter

It is the choice of foods by each individual person, today, that will determine to a large extent their physical condition tomorrow

Dr. Royal Lee