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Good health has never been as important as it is in today’s world. As a clinical nutritionist, Dr. Jacobsen’s approach is that of making health a lifestyle, rather than a fad diet. It’s a mindset of self-worth, combined with an understanding of how food works in the body, as well as a knowledge of the ingredients in today’s food. With a passion for health and fitness throughout her 50 years, she understands that true health comes from the inside out and her education in both has only confirmed this.

Did you know that the conventional lab ranges on the right side of your blood work findings are based on a bell curve of the population in your geographical area, NOT the optimal ranges the human body works best within? Look around…. Is the majority of our population healthy or sick? Now ask yourself WHY you would want to be in THAT bell curve! Dr. Jacobsen’s nutritional evaluation includes an assessment of each patient’s blood chemistry results measured from a functional capacity, and is based on current research of healthy individuals, as well as factoring in the patient’s sex, age and health history.

After obtaining a comprehensive medical history and performing a thorough exam in addition to any other testing, Dr. Jacobsen can then make an effective recommendation for dietary lifestyle changes, test for food intolerances, and suggest proper exercises for each patient’s level of fitness. She may recommend whole food supplements (literally real organic food in pills or capsules) or medicinal grade herbs when necessary to facilitate the body’s rehabilitation, with the end goal of enabling the body to function again as it was intended.

Supermarket walk-thru classes are offered to teach how to read labels, how to know what foods to buy organic or not, to differentiate what is a marketing scam, and to learn how to keep on budget while eating healthily. These are offered periodically in group sessions, or can be scheduled privately. Fitness expeditions at various levels are also offered periodically throughout the year as a fun way to get fit with the benefit of group momentum.